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How to use Dell docking station?

Dell docking station is a port that has been uniquely created to boost the power of your PC. You can easily connect any laptop or PC with it using the USB cable. This can be done because of its compatibility level which is unmatchable. It can be connected with a wide range of PC brands and Operating Systems. There are a number of ports that can be used to connect external devices which means you can setup multiple external monitors with it.

Dell Docking Station

The brand also offers Dell laptop docking station which put s forward that you can connect your laptop with it. In case the device which you wish to connect to the Dell docking station does not have the cables required for establishing a connection between the two, all you need to do is buy the compatible cords from the market and connect it easily. Moreover, your docking station has the capability to charge your laptop when it’s attached to it.

Steps to connect a monitor with Dell docking station

(Note: these steps will also work for Dell laptop docking station. In case you are unable to connect your laptop with the Dell docking station, take help from Dell Support Assistant.)

After purchasing the Dell docking station from the market, the first thing you need to do is set it up to start using for which the procedure is mentioned below:

  1. To set it up, the first thing you are required to do is slide the battery of the docking station and adjust it at its right place.
  2. Now, press the unlock switch available on the docking station.
  3. After this, press the laptop down on the docking station until you find out that it has been fixed properly followed by pressing the power button.
  4. It is time to attach the cords with the docking stations and switch on the attached monitors.
  5. From the desktop’s screen, tap on the “screen Resolution” option by right-clicking on the screen.
  6. Hit the “detect” button. This action will detect the connected monitors.
  7. Here, tap on the menu which will display the drop-down list. From here you can choose the desired option such as “Extend these displays” and “Duplicate these displays.”
  8. After selecting the desired option, drag the images of the monitor in such a way that they look positioned as the real monitors.
  9. In the end, click on the “Apply” option followed by “OK” to complete the Dell docking station setup process.

You can also update and customise other settings of your Dell docking station by using Dell command update. If at any step, you feel troubled, do not hesitate from seeking expert guidance.

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