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Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool

The Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool is also known by the name Printer Embedded Web Server. It allows users to keep a check on the printer network. In addition to this, you can also view and/or change the printer configuration settings, observe ink level, and alerts you well in advance about the empty toner cartridges.

Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool

Dell printer configuration web tool software download can be easily done by visiting the official website of Dell. To launch this tool, you just have to type the network printer IP address in your Web browser, and the printer configuration web tool setup will automatically appear on the screen.

For more information regarding this, you can refer to your Dell User’sGuide or connect with Dell Customer Service.

Notable features of the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool

The Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool can be used for the following purpose:

Checking the printer status- To check the status, you just have to go to the printer status menu and you will get the desired feedback. You can also click the order supplies link to order an additional toner cartridge.

Printer Jobs- Use this menu which contains information regarding completed as well as incomplete print jobs.

Printer Settings-make use of this menu to change printer settings and view or customize the settings in the operator panel that too remotely.

Print Volume– This menu allows you to check the number of pages printed for each paper size.

Address Book-With this menu you can manage the e-mail address, phone number, server address, and fax number records in the Address Book.

Tray Settings- With this menu you can easily get information about the paper size and type of paper which has been loaded in the Multipurpose Feeder (MPF).

Dell printer configuration web tool default password

Password information can be found in the Dell User’s Guide. In case your password has been changed, lost or forgotten, you won’t find information regarding the recovery of the factory default password is the online Users Guide but you can use the following procedure:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Press the “Up” or “down” keys until “Configure” option displays on the computer screen.
  3. Tap “Enter”.
  4. Press the “Up” or “down” keys until “Network” option displays and then taps “Enter”.
  5. Press the “Up” or “down” keys until “In It NVRAM” option displays on the screen and then press the “Enter” button.
  6. Now, you will see a message saying “Init NVRAM Are you sure?” here, you have to press the “enter” button again.
  7. After this, the message displays “Initializing”, “Initialized” and “Restart Printer”.
  8. Restart your printer to complete the process.


Dell support assistant can be used to resolve various issues regarding Dell printer configuration web tool. In case you find the information given this article helpful you can leave a comment in the comment box of the page or get in touch with the support team when you come across any difficulty with your Dell Printer.

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