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How to fix Dell Printer Error Codes?

There are varieties of Dell printers available in the market to fulfill the on-growing demands of the users. One of the printers that are gaining popularity among people is the Dell 3115cn Printer. The world-class laser printer is having exceptional qualities such as providing users with high-quality prints, scans, and also provides copying facilities.

Dell Printer Error Codes

Before you go through the procedure for fixing up the error by contacting Dell Customer Service, you need to brief yourself with the common Dell Printer errors. By knowing about these errors, you can fix them up easily with instant solutions provided by the Dell support team.

Our Dell customer support team is a group of professionals who are into this work of dealing with technical issues since long with their committed approach. These are the most common error faced by people who use Dell Printer 3115cn series:

  1. Error code 016-370
  2. Error Code 004-332
  3. Error code 009-360 and 1200

Below are given a brief introduction to these errors and what steps can be taken to resolve them.

Error code 016-370

Users come across with “Error code 016-370” when the firmware of the printer that they are using is out of date and it starts to prompt the message to restart your PC. To resolve the issue:

  1. First, you need to turn off your Dell 3115cn Printer.
  2. Connect it again with a USB cord.
  3. Press the “cancel” and “hold” buttons together.
  4. On switching on the printer a message saying “Download mode ready” will be displayed.
  5. Now, begin the firmware upgrade process.

Error Code 004-332

Users come across with “Error Code 004-332” mainly when the toner or the printer cartridges are kept in an improper way. To resolve this error:

  1. Restart your printer.
  2. Adjust the toner or cartridges in a proper manner.
  3. Lock in the printer once again.

Error code 009-360 and 1200

Users usually come across the “Error code 009-360” when the Dell 3115cn Printer’s yellow toner is missing. This generally happens when the toner has been rebuilt with another chip. In order to resolve this, you need to replace the yellow toner.

The “Error code 1200” usually happens when the cartridge is moving to and fro against the printer. To troubleshoot this error you need to secure the cords that are placed at the back of the printer.

To conclude-

It is recommended to fix printers under the supervision of experts. The Dell Support executives are available round the clock to help you with different errors related to Dell Printers and provide you with guided-solutions within no time.

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