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How to wake up Dell laptop from sleep mode?

If you are using a Dell computer or a Dell Inspiron, then you might have come across a situation when it goes into sleep mode. If you are a new user, then you might be thinking that what has happened and how to wake up dell laptop from sleep mode. This situation usually arises because of the inactivity of the keyboard or mouse for a set amount of time. The basic purpose of why a PC or laptop including Dell latitude may go into the “Stand BY” mode is to conserve power that is unnecessarily wasting. To wake up a sleeping Dell laptop, you simply have to press a key on the keyboard. You can also tap on the mouse pad to resume it back to normal. You might be prompted to enter your password again but it is ok because it is ultimately safeguarding your data in your absence.

wake up from sleep mode

What is the shortcut key for sleep mode?

Although PCs running on Windows 7 does not have any specific keyboard functions for sleep mode but you can try this on a PC running on Windows 10.

  • You may press” Windows key” + “X” and then press “U” followed by “H” to hibernate the PC.
  • Also, try pressing “Windows key” + “X” followed by “U” and “S” to enable the sleep mode.

Dell laptop stuck in sleep mode- What should I do?

When a Dell laptop gets stuck in the sleep mode, then you may perform the following workarounds to wake it up:

  • Try to update the BIOS and Chipset of your device
  • Update the video driver of your Dell laptop
  • Refresh hiberfil.sys file
  • Run the Windows power troubleshooter
  • Perform a clean boot of your system by using the “Microsoft Config Utility”
  • Create a new user profile and try to use your laptop again
  • Restore your system or run a system file checker scan
  • Reinstall the Operating System of your Dell laptop
  • Use Dell Support Assistant
  • Try to run Dell command update

How do I wake up Windows 10 from sleep mode?

Follow the suggestions given below if your Windows 10 system is having problems waking up from the sleep mode:

Disable Hibernation

  1. Press “Windows” + “X” keys altogether from your keyboard.
  2. Now, select the Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that opens by pressing the keys.
  3. Further, click on the “Yes” option when you are asked for the confirmation to allow the app to make changes to your PC.
  4. After this, type “powercfg/h off” and hit the “Enter” key.
  5. Finally, restart your computer to resume its activities.

Run the Windows Power Management Troubleshooter

  1. Open search box and type “Troubleshooting” in it.
  2. When you find it, hit the “Enter” key.
  3. Now, go to the “System and Security” tab from the control panel.
  4. Further, click on the “Power” button and click “Next”.
  5. Press this option which is present next to the “power management troubleshooter”.
  6. Click “Close” and restart your computer.

You should regularly check for an updated video driver on the official website of Dell. If the guidelines did no work in any way, then you may seek a Dell Assistant from the Dell representatives.

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